Draft Schedule for #MMUBigAg 2017-18

The following is a rough structure of the work that we will do with students on The Big Agency this year. We will be in a computer-based room so they can do research in-class. Students will be supported to do the assessed tasks in class, although they are expected to do further work outside of … Continue reading Draft Schedule for #MMUBigAg 2017-18


The Big Agency: Unit Descriptor

We've updated the unit descriptor for The Big Agency:    Creative agencies today are not just looking for creativity; they’re looking for employability. In the agency world, skills such as communication, team working, client relationship building, strategic thinking, project management and customer-centric research, all play an important role in understanding and answering the client brief. … Continue reading The Big Agency: Unit Descriptor

The Big Agency: Milestones

This week, students are developing project plans, and have a number of project milestones to place on their Gantt Charts or Kanban Boards. For agencies working with the students, here's an overview of the timeframe for the unit. From 'Week 6' onwards students will have a ‘stand-up meeting’ at the beginning/end of each session, sharing … Continue reading The Big Agency: Milestones

The Big Agency in 2015/16

The introduction to the unit read as follows: The unit endeavours to engage students in workplace practices and develop your employability skills in the context of modern organisations. Students are effectively employees of 'The Big Agency', with the teaching team as Director and managers of the agency. Assignments will contribute to your professional development within … Continue reading The Big Agency in 2015/16

The Big Agency: Learning Outcomes

Each unit at the university has learning outcomes that the student should expect to gain over the unit, and are approved by the exam board. The learning outcomes for The Big Agency are: 1.Design and undertake research in response to a client brief, in a professional manner 2.Determine goals and strategies for continuing responsible personal … Continue reading The Big Agency: Learning Outcomes