The Big Agency in 2015/16

The introduction to the unit read as follows:

The unit endeavoumotivationrs to engage students in workplace practices and develop your employability skills in the context of modern organisations.

Students are effectively employees of ‘The Big Agency’, with the teaching team as Director and managers of the agency. Assignments will contribute to your professional development within the marketing industry and as future managers, as well as preparing you research-wise for your final-year dissertations.

Professional conduct, as if on placement, should be adhered to at all times, in attendance, in communications, and in engagement with the materials provided in the unit.

Course Content

The course was structured around a lecture each week, and a super-tutorial every third week, encompassing six focus areas throughout the year:

  1. Research methods, qualitative and quantitative
  2. Developing a creative brief
  3. Team forming, role theory and motivation from the perspective of an Account Director
  4. As an agency account team, drawing upon PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces, provide information to allow a business decision about whether to enter the marketplace.
  5. Focusing upon digital culture/strategy, and create a video for the account team to present at a pitch.
  6. Project Management

Each super-tutorial required students to work in small groups, and submit a piece of work around the theme, offering the opportunity to gain 10% contribution grade each time towards a larger piece of work. The first large assignment asked student to provide a group presentation focused upon promoting ‘The Deep‘, drawing upon appropriate theories.  The second assignment asked students to look back upon what they had learnt throughout the year, and reflect upon the skills that they have developed, and need to develop further, to enhance their employability.

The students clearly enjoyed engaging with any of these projects focused upon ‘real scenarios’, so for 2016/17, we would like to seek real projects from agencies that students can work upon, and see how this contributes to their readiness to enter the workplace.

Social Interaction

The hashtag #BigAg15 was in place throughout the year on Twitter.

Image Source: @lecturerSarah


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