We have worked with agencies, businesses and charities, some local and some national (where digital communications allows), to identify real projects that you can work upon in this unit. There is an opportunity to produce work of value to companies, which, if of sufficient quality, could be used, and then referred to in your CV (please check with your client that they are happy with you using their name in your CV, as although not an official reference, the marketing world is small, and those to whom you are applying may ask for an informal view).

We have asked companies to put forward small projects that are typical of the kind of work that their marketing team will do, which you will work on in groups throughout the year. The creative output could be something like a 60 second YouTube video, 100 social media tweets, a series of blog posts, an email campaign, or developing a crisis response

You will be working in a group of 4-5, will pitch for the project(s) that you are interested in in the fifth week, and then sign university-provided legal documentation regarding participation. You will be timetabled for three hours each week as follows:

  • Wednesday 9-12 (Marketing Management/Combined Honours)
  • Friday 2-5 (Advertising and Branding)
  • Friday 2-5 (PR)

The deliverables and milestone markers you are given for 2017-18 are indicated here.

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