The Big Agency: Milestones

This week, students are developing project plans, and have a number of project milestones to place on their Gantt Charts or Kanban Boards. For agencies working with the students, here’s an overview of the timeframe for the unit.

From ‘Week 6’ onwards students will have a ‘stand-up meeting’ at the beginning/end of each session, sharing learning, developments and questions with their peers and tutor.

TEACHING: Motivation: w/c 26/09/16
Introducing ‘The Big Agency’, professional etiquette, Elevator Pitches, motivational theory (Herzberg, Theory X/Y, Maslow) and practice.

TEACHING: Team-Working and Role Theory: w/c/ 03/10/16
Teamworking theories based on Belbin tests, team SWOT, role theory, pitching tips

PITCHING: Students pitch for projects:  w/c 10/10/16
Students informed at end of week. Should contact client asap to introduce selves, and indicate keen to discuss once have completed following week’s session.

TEACHING: Interrogating the Client Brief: w/c 17/10/16
Pitch feedback, clarifying the client brief, understanding where this fits in the Agency process, preparing questions for your client

TEACHING: Project planning: w/c 24/10/16
Includes client conversations, setting project goals, project planning with Gantt or Kanban, identifying stakeholders, assessing risk management

PAPERWORK: PDP: 26/10/16

FEEDBACK: PDP/Blogs: w/c 07/11/16 (in session)

PAPERWORK: Ethics Form: w/c 14/11/16 latest

RESEARCH: Desk-based: Bulk prior to w/c 28/11/16
Includes library, database and internet-based research, client conversations: competitor analysis utilizing Porter’s Five Forces and PESTEL, clarifying any legal issues.

RESEARCH: Primary Research: Complete data collection by w/c 12/12/16
Includes defining whether qualitative or quantitative research should achieve your aims, and supported preparation of questionnaires, surveys, interviews, focus groups, or other, and the professional and ethical collection of data.

Including peer assessment in sessions

FEEDBACK: PDR: w/c 09/01/17 (online and in session)

RESEARCH: Analyse data: by w/c 23/01/17
Includes audience persona development (2-3 minimum), redefine marketing objectives, learn how to re/write an effective brief. Demonstrate critical thinking, including an understanding of what is long-term marketing practice, and where ‘digital disruption’ has changed practice.  

CREATIVE: by w/c 13/02/17
Ideas development in brainstorming sessions, developing ideas, creating strategy and/or content as appropriate to the project. 

TEACHING: Reflective Practice: w/c 27/02/17
Designed to help you with theory to support the creation of your final assessed piece of work. 

CREATIVE: by w/c 20/03/17
Continue producing content, tweaking as possible – analysing whether campaign ideas are working, including suggestions for the future

ASSIGNMENT: Creative Video: w/c 27/03/17 with in-session feedback
Including peer assessment in sessions

ASSIGNMENT: Reflective Report: 26/04/17

OPTIONAL: Excel Qualification: 26/04/17

FEEDBACK: Reflective Essay: 17/05/17 (online)

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