Example #BigAg16 Project: Beyond Chocolate

We are looking forward to welcoming projects from #marketing #pr #branding #advertising and #digital aspects, and have signed off an example project from Beyond Chocolate, an anti-diet organization, encouraging body confidence, as our first project. Please describe the specific project that you would like students to undertake (“the Project”) (Max 500 words) “Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped thousands of … Continue reading Example #BigAg16 Project: Beyond Chocolate


Agencies: Can you help provide videos?

Agencies! Nothing resonates with students more than hearing from: Students who have been through it all, and are now successfully employed Potential employers about 'what it's really like' out there We have created a resource bank for the students on Moodle, and would like to also share videos on this blog. Some suggestions we already have … Continue reading Agencies: Can you help provide videos?

Information for Employers/Agencies

Want to help find future talent within the fields of marketing, PR, digital, or advertising and branding? Want to inspire that talent with some real world projects to get their teeth into? Want some creative input into some of your thinking from young people who don’t have any baggage? This September around 200 undergraduates will … Continue reading Information for Employers/Agencies

Student Experience Contracts

We have a simple form for agencies, businesses and charities providing projects to complete: An explanation of the opportunity/value proposition A one-page form to complete Two-pages of brief legal notes Signatures Download: The Big Agency Company Form: Student Experience Contract Download: Creative Brief (Optional) Image Source: Free to use from Pixabay

The Big Agency in 2015/16

The introduction to the unit read as follows: The unit endeavours to engage students in workplace practices and develop your employability skills in the context of modern organisations. Students are effectively employees of 'The Big Agency', with the teaching team as Director and managers of the agency. Assignments will contribute to your professional development within … Continue reading The Big Agency in 2015/16

The Big Agency: Learning Outcomes

Each unit at the university has learning outcomes that the student should expect to gain over the unit, and are approved by the exam board. The learning outcomes for The Big Agency are: 1.Design and undertake research in response to a client brief, in a professional manner 2.Determine goals and strategies for continuing responsible personal … Continue reading The Big Agency: Learning Outcomes