Term is Coming #BigAg16

The deadline for any projects that your company, charity, agency would like to put forward for Level 5 (second year) marketing, PR, advertising/ branding and digital students is this coming Friday (16th) – fill in the form!

Employers – So Far

We’re grateful to the following companies who have already provided us with project briefs:

We have others in the system, and will give a shout out to them next week. We will have around 23-28 groups of students.

Employers –  Two Opportunities

Projects – A project to last from October 2016 to March 2017, which a member of your staff could do in around 24 days, a group of 4-5 students will do, supported by their tutor acting as creative director. Read more.

Videos – Throughout the year, I hope to collect vox-pops with employers and agencies, to inspire, and give reality checks, to students as to what to expect once they go into the workplace (either for sharing within private Moodle, or preferably on this blog). Read more.

Students – Get Involved

Students, you will be undertaking these projects throughout the year, spending the first two weeks looking at motivation and team building theory, pitching for projects in week three, and then undertaking the project according to the schedule you develop and agree with your tutor. Read more, and don’t forget Moodle (log-in required)

Image Source: JISC


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