Example #BigAg16 Project: Beyond Chocolate

bc-demo-logoWe are looking forward to welcoming projects from   and  aspects, and have signed off an example project from Beyond Chocolate, an anti-diet organization, encouraging body confidence, as our first project.

Please describe the specific project that you would like students to undertake (“the Project”) (Max 500 words)

“Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped thousands of women change their relationship with food, for good. We have been there ourselves and know that dieting simply does not work. We created the Beyond Chocolate course in 2000 not just to help women lose weight but to change our relationship with food and our bodies for the long term.” The website has been updated significantly over the past couple of years, building upon learning from previous websites, incorporating online courses, blog posts, and other resources, and this is encouraging more engagement/interaction. We have Twitter and Facebook pages, both largely managed by volunteers, which we seek to keep frequently updated, and an Instagram account which is rather neglected. We first offered a Groupon deal in 2015 which was very successful (so continues), undertake physical events, and feature in the press. The two co-founders are a psychotherapist (Sophie) and a kitchen coach (Audrey), who have much passion, but limited resources to share their life-changing message.

Each summer the hype for ‘the bikini body’ fills the mass media, although there is a growing push back against this. Beyond Chocolate would like to develop content that contributes to conversations on the mass media around this topic, as well as content that women may feel empowered to share. We are dealing with a sensitive topic that many women don’t necessarily want to share on social media, but when people do come across it, find it incredibly empowering. We would love to connect with new audiences, whilst making best use of the spaces that we already have, improving reach and engagement. We are open to any new ideas or opportunities to extend the reach of the brand.

Convince the students: Why should a student want to undertake this project? (Max 300 words)

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of thousands of women who have continually been told that they are not enough, and that their energies should be directed at keeping their bodies to a certain size/shape? Do you want to use your marketing skills to reach out to a wider group of women and see the ‘way to freedom’ by being released from the prison of diets (which have a 98% failure rate)? Can you be creative in finding low/no budget ways to reach out to people over this sensitive topic around the UK?. We use a range of social media, but know that we could do more. Can you help us develop a campaign strategy to reach out to more women inspired to join up, participate, and gain the confidence to share, around the topic of ‘the bikini body’? In return you will engage with a live project that is growing, offers creative challenges for those with a passion for this topic, engage with a co-founder who has a PR background, and gain excellent experience to enhance your CV.

Download the The Big Agency Company Form Beyond Choc Example.

Submit your own project.

Image Source: Screenshot from @beyondchoc


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