Agencies: Can you help provide videos?

Agencies! Nothing resonates with students more than hearing from:

  1. Students who have been through it all, and are now successfully employed
  2. Potential employers about ‘what it’s really like’ out there

We have created a resource bank for the students on Moodle, and would like to also share videos on this blog. Some suggestions we already have include a mix of inspiration and reality checks:

  • What attitudes/skills are agencies looking for?
    • What does creativity look like?
    • What does leadership look like?
  • What do different agencies do?
  • What different roles exist within agencies?
  • What are your top 3 tips for students looking to enter marketing careers?
  • What is the latest terminology in use?  E.g. agile/lean methodologies
  • What does project management look like within an agency? What tools are used why/how?
  • How do agencies undertake stakeholder analysis?
  • How do agencies undertake risk analysis?
  • What has ‘digital disruption’ done for the way agencies work?
  • Where does ‘networking’ fit into the picture?

Image source: Free usage, Pixabay


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