Information for Employers/Agencies

  • Want to help find future talent within the fields of marketing, PR, digital, or advertising and branding?
  • Want to inspire that talent with some real world projects to get their teeth into?
  • Want some creative input into some of your thinking from young people who don’t have any baggage?

This September around 200 undergraduates will start their second year at MMU. Around 60 of them are fortunate enough to undertake a one-day-a-week internship with agencies. For everyone else, we want to recreate some of that experience in the classroom, drawing upon real-world projects/briefs, with teaching staff acting as creative directors. Students will work in groups around their specialist areas: Integrated Comms/General Marketing, PR & Comms, Digital Marketing and Advertising and Branding. All of the work is submitted electronically, creating a portfolio for students to use in their hunt for employment in the future.

Complete the form here.

What is the timescale?

Through ‘til Christmas students are developing skills in motivation and team-work, project management, research and data collection, the competitive environment, and pitching. After Christmas the students get stuck into developing an appropriate creative output (e.g. 60 second YouTube video, 100 social media tweets, series of blog posts, email campaign, crisis response plan).

Students will undertake secondary research to establish competitor analysis, drawing upon PESTEL/Porter’s Five Forces/SWOT analyses, and creating marketing personas as appropriate, primary data collection to establish requirements for the creative output. Throughout this unit students are developing their career-action plans and increasing their employability skills, and you can input into the development of key skills!

The deliverables and milestone markers given to the students are:

  • Projects available for students to examine (mid September)
  • Students allocated projects within workshops after short pitches (early October)
  • Assessment: Students submit PDPs (late October)
  • Research planning starts (early November)
  • Data collection starts (late November)
  • Assessment: Students submit mid-term PDR (mid December)
  • Creative development starts (early January)
  • Assessment: Creative output submitted within workshop for peer review (late March)
  • Assessment: Reflective review submitted (late April)
  • Assessment: Excel Qualification (late April)

Complete the form here.

We need the completed forms from you by Friday 16th September 2016.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Just some of your spare time to brief the students, provide some feedback on what they produce (see dates above), give them some encouragement and maybe (if you like them) a job one day. We may also ask you if you have resources and/or vox pop style videos to share with the student cohort on particular themes, e.g. what skills are you looking for, what agency roles are there, what does leadership look like?

Please note that it will not be possible for the students to do extra work, such as further implementation. If you have an employment opportunity, or want to offer more experience, please discuss this with the students individually.

We would love to collect initial videos by Friday 23rd September, and then throughout the year.

How do I get involved?

Fill in our 2-minute form, and save it by naming it with your organisation name as a MS Word .doc or .docx file.

Expect to be contacted by the successful students from w/c 10th October 2016, when students will be notified which projects they have been successful in obtaining. Projects may be allocated to a maximum of four groups – please see the short ‘Legal Bit’ for more information.

Image source: Wikipedia Commons

*Note: @drbexl who manages this unit will be on leave 15/08-02/09


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