Seeking Projects

We are looking for (client-side) projects from agencies, companies and charities, that our students can undertake in order to develop their professional skills within the marketing industry.


We need projects that can run from late September, with the students completing the unit with a ‘Group Creative Output’ at the end of March.

Students will spend half-day per week in class with their tutor as facilitator/creative director (excluding Christmas/Easter), and are expected to undertake further work in between sessions.

We are looking for the equivalent of around 24 days of work that one of your staff would do.

Specialist Areas

We are expecting there to be around 120+ students on the course. Students will be in the following themed groups:

  • Integrated Comms/General Marketing
  • PR & Comms
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising and Branding

Project addressing a single stream are of value, although there is an option to put forward projects that could be addressed by each of the different groups, working separately, but requiring inter-discussion.


We are looking for our students to develop skills in team-work, project management, research, the competitive environment, pitching, whilst producing an appropriate creative output (e.g. digital strategy, YouTube video) and increasing their employability.

Submitting Projects

A form, including legal content, will be available before too long, but please email in the meantime, so that we can talk further.

Image Source: Free image on Pixabay


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